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LIVE WELL Project 5 -

Tall and Shallow Steps Become Safer

Grace was an active 85-year old living happily in her condo alongside her longtime feline companion, Daffy. Grace’s independence was threatened when she fell prey to a parking lot curb and broke her hip. After a hip replacement and several weeks of rehab, Grace was anxious to return to the comfort of her own bed and familiar surroundings. However, Jody, Grace’s daughter, had concerns over her mother’s ability to continue living in her condo. If Grace’s condo was to remain her home, changes needed to be made.

Jody contacted Terry Donovan and a home evaluation was performed and determined the need for modification services.

The first obstacle that needed to be addressed was how Grace would enter and exit the home.

Grace never used the front door. It had several concrete steps leading from the driveway to the front porch so her usual access in and out of the condo was through the garage service door. However, the current entrance possessed three steps that were shallow and had a very tall rise which were now difficult to climb given Grace’s recent injury. In addition to this, there was no railing to assist her. This became priority #1.

The perfect entrance was created for Grace. The modified stairs offered longer treads and a shorter rise; a platform right outside the door so if Grace were to end up in a wheelchair, the steps can be removed and a ramp can easily be attached to the platform; grab bars along the walls by the platform for additional leverage and stability; and railings up to ADA standards on both sides of the stairs