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LIVE WELL Project 4 -

Two Unusable Bathrooms Become One Barrier-Free Bathroom

82-year old Rose Marie lived in her home for over 30 years, having raised three children.  When she had a stroke that affected her dominant side, Rose Marie and her adult children were in for a long recovery.  One of Rose Marie’s goals was to go back home to the place that she knew.

The place where her memories were. The place where her children and her grandchildren often gathered for Sunday dinners.

Rose Marie did not want to remain in a nursing home.  She wanted to go home.  Yet, with Rose Marie’s health issues and challenges, this was a tall order if the home remained as it was.  Rose Marie’s daughter, who was

instrumental in Rose Marie’s daily recovery, knew that the home that she was raised in would need modifications to accommodate her mother’s changing needs.  

Terry Donovan was called and jumped into action, devising a plan that would incorporate a small bathroom off Rose Marie’s bedroom with the hall bathroom which was also relatively small.  Rose Marie and her caregiver would need more space when performing Rose Marie’s daily activities in the bathroom.

The master bath and the hall bath were completely gutted and a single, larger bathroom was proposed in its place.  This bathroom had a roll-in shower, large area around the water closet for easier transfer onto and off of the commode and a vanity sink that Rose Marie could roll under for ease of access. 

Additionally, double pocket doors were installed from the master bedroom into the bathroom and a pocket door was installed from the hallway into the bathroom.

The final product turned out beautifully and Rose Marie was so excited when she was able to come back to the home that she knew and loved.  Rose Marie’s daughter also liked that the modifications were affordable and would save Rose Marie money  – the cost of the bathroom modifications were equivalent to approximately a three to four month stay in the nursing home.

Rose Marie has enjoyed being back home for over a year now.