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LIVE WELL Project 2 -

Upon evaluation, Terry recommended a barrier-free 5’ roll-in shower with a seat that folds down.

A trough floor drain that is level with the rest of the floor was figured as part of the design changes. This eliminated any trip/fall hazards for Grace as she did not have to worry about barriers or stepping over or into her shower. Grab bars were installed throughout the shower and other areas of the bathroom as well.

In addition to the bath modification, lighting was increased and adjustments were made to the vanity, toilet areas and closet. The decision Grace and Jody made to have the bathroom modified to Grace’s personal needs allowed her to continue to live independently in her home with her precious cat Daffy.

Additionally, the modifications that were installed in Grace’s home were affordable – especially when compared to the high costs of nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Unused Master Bath Becomes Barrier-Free

Grace was an active 85-year old living happily in her condo alongside her longtime feline companion, Daffy. Grace’s independence was threatened when she fell prey to a parking lot curb and broke her hip. After a hip replacement and several weeks of rehab, Grace was anxious to return to the comfort of her own bed and familiar surroundings.

However, Jody, Grace’s daughter, had concerns over her mother’s ability to continue living in her condo. If Grace’s condo was to remain her home, changes needed to be made. Jody contacted Terry Donovan and a home evaluation was performed and determined the need for modification services. Before construction began, Terry's team created a 3D rendering which allowed Grace to see exactly what her new bathroom would look like.  It also made Jody and Grace’s decision to modify Grace’s bathroom much easier.

Grace had a garden tub unit in her master bathroom she had not used in over ten years! Grace also struggled to step over the 4” rise into the uncomfortably small shower.