Is LIVE WELL a Home Remodeler?

Live Well is not just a remodeling company. We are modification specialists who are focused on solutions that fit your needs and maintain your quality of life. We are the only universal design/aging in place modification company in St. Louis who have Occupational and Physical Therapists on-call that specialize in aging in place and universal design. We are uniquely positioned to treat every client with compassion, understanding and with a holistic approach. We want to make your home a comfortable and productive place to live. Make your home a place to Live Well.

What Does Home Modification Mean?

Home modification refers to converting or adapting the environment in order to make performing tasks easier, reduces accidents and supports independent living. Home modification can be as simple as removing hazards like throw rugs to minor modifications like adding special features or assisting devices including grab bars, ramps, moving light switches and electric receptacles to very extensive modifications like moving furnishings and changing where certain activities occur. Large modifications can include converting a first floor room into a bedroom to renovating bathrooms and kitchens to adding in vertical lifts or ceiling track systems. In some cases, modifying the whole home may be required to restore function and productivity. In any case, Live Well can adapt any situation as well as offer solutions that might not be obvious now but may come to light later. With the support of LIVE WELL specialists and the therapists that LIVE WELL works with, we have the opportunity to recognize and avoid potential situations along with being able to offer immediate comprehensive solutions.

Everyone wants to LIVE WELL. That is why every project, from the smallest and simplest to the large modifications and even new home construction is approached with the same meticulous, holistic, LIVE WELL dedication to serving those with special needs.


What is Aging in Place?

Aging in Place is the ability to remain in your home environment despite age or level of ability. It promotes function and interaction within a safe environment, creating well being and prosperity.


What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy (OT) provides services to assess and rehabilitate patients in the areas of self-care, work, and leisure and includes assessment of the environment that these areas are performed in. These areas may be compromised due to cognitive or physical disability. According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, in regards to home modifications, the role of the OT is to “assess the need for home modifications, to identify home modification solutions, or to train the client to use the modifications to optimize performance and participation.”


Will modification hurt my resale value?

No. In fact, studies have shown that home modifications with Universal Design features sell higher than those without.

Transforming Your Home So You

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How will I Know what needs to be done?

Every client is given a home evaluation by a CAPS certified LIVE WELL Home Modification Specialist. They will take you through a step-by-step evaluation of your home and all the modifications that it will take to bring your home up to the standards for your specific needs. LIVE WELL works with your OT/PT if they have done a home evaluation already and LIVE WELL can provide a OT/PT depending upon the evaluations required.


Will it cost me a lot for home modifications?

It depends on the scale of modifications. Some may be minor modifications for example, adding grab bars, electric outlet and light switch relocation, sight line adjustments and lighting enhancements, to larger projects such as typical bathroom and kitchen modifications to moving a bedroom from the second floor to a modified first floor bedroom.


How do I make the right decision for what I need right now?

The Home for Life Design encompasses all areas of lifestyle in the home and no corner will be left unturned to ensure the best service. The listing of suggestions made by the therapist or CAPS specialist will enable you to easily see what is available and meets yours or your loved one’s needs. For example, structural changes in doorway widths may be recommended but non-structural changes such a swing-away hinges for the door may also be applied as a solution to narrow openings. LIVE WELL works closely with the client or homeowner to make the modifications based on priority, finances and space available.


Do I have to modify my whole house at once?

Possibly. It depends on how difficult it is to maneuver around your home as a whole or how incapacitated you or your loved one may be. Also, a good school of thought is to look down the road and be prepared. It will be less costly in the long run if you make some modifications while others are scheduled to be done. This can be answered with your LIVE WELL Modification Specialist. Since your home will be in the modification mode even though we try to make our time modifying as less invasive as possible, there is still down time for your home. In some cases, it may be better to get the home down time out of the way all at once. Another argument for doing as much as you can is the ability to obtain financing. And finally, why not start enjoying your life with the full benefits of a LIVE WELL home as soon as possible?


Is home modification funding available?

Yes, there is funding available for those who qualify. There are many options that include Reverse Mortgage funding, assistance from the VA and other non-for-profit charities. Various life insurance policies can also encompass home modification costs. The options can be discussed in further detail with your LIVE WELL Specialist.

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