Carol’s Story

Ramp Needed – NOW!

Carol needed a way to get her ailing husband, who was in a nursing home, into the home that they had lived in for the past 30 years – the home where they raised their family.  Now that their children were grown and married, it was just Carol and her husband.  In recent months, he had been rehabilitating in a nursing home and both were anxious for him to come home.  After performing a home evaluation, her husband’s Physical and Occupational Therapists were concerned that the home was not wheelchair accessible.  Carol was told that she needed to ensure that the home was accessible in order for her to bring her husband of 54 years home.

Carol needed a ramp installed QUICKLY so she could get her beloved husband home. Carol called LIVE WELL to provide her with a solution to her problem. Within three days, LIVE WELL was onsite, constructing a ramp that would give Carol the access that she needed.  Just as importantly, LIVE WELL reviewed the home entry points and proposed a wheelchair ramp that would allow Carol to pull into the garage for safety and security, while giving her the ability to access their home while pushing her husband in his wheelchair.

Carol was ecstatic LIVE WELL was able to provide the ramp inside the garage instead of typically across the front yard up to the front entry door.  She did not want others to see the ramp and loved that it afforded her the safety and security of being able to close the garage door and be out of the weather while transferring her husband from the car to his wheelchair and into the house.

Carol’s Testimony:
My husband was going to be discharged from a rehab facility in a few days and a wheelchair ramp would be needed for him to access our home.  I didn’t know who would be able to build a ramp in a short period of time.  A friend gave me the name and number of  Terry Donovan of LIVE WELL home modification specialists.  He responded to my phone call that day and arrived with plans for a ramp to be installed inside our garage. 

Within  a quick time frame LIVE WELL put in the wheelchair ramp which is working great and fulfilling our expectations. 

Thank you Terry and LIVE WELL.  ~Carol B.

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